General Info on the Teacup Shih Tzu Breed

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A teacup is a small type of dog. The truth of the teacup is that it is generally the same as any other Shih Tzu. In other words, breeders that claim to reproduce teacup Shih Tzus simply pick the smallest of each trash and also set it with one more smaller pups from one more clutter in the hopes that the union will generate smaller sized than average pets. Often a little difficulty can occur since Teacups are such a teacup yorkies vibrant around larger pet dogs.

The discriminate reproduction of teacup pets is not encouraged by many of the popular kennel associations from different nations. There are also genetic restrictions that can be overlooked by some careless breeders While not all teacup breeders are careless, it goes versus the grain to bring as well as try out canines that are listed below the typical dimension of what is supposedly appropriate for many kennel clubs. Putting it on your study table for holding your pens as well as pencils would certainly be the best point you want it.


The various occasions that these teacups can be talented at consist of wedding celebration celebrations for flower women, infant shower as bonbonnieres and also as promotional as well as ideal wishes gifts. You can enhance your children’ spaces by placing them on home window sides and research tables to provide acute want to the entire room. Teacup Yorkie puppies are recognized as vibrant, bouncy, and gritty little pets. Teacups agree with various other animals but are extremely zealous and authoritative as well as will seek to end up being the lead dog in spite of their petite size. When encountered with a much bigger pet, teacups are extremely protective of their masters as well as will play the role of watchdog even.