Ontario Securities Regulator

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TORONTO, Feb 8 (Reuters) – Canada’s most important securities regulator said on Friday it had been looking into Quadriga CX, as concerns grow a regulatory gap leaves investors from the electronic platform unprotected against possible losses. The announcement comes a day after the state’s securities regulator, British Columbia Securities Commission, stated it doesn’t govern Quadriga CX, whose creator expired in December, trapping tens of thousands of dollars from cryptocurrencies in its own accounts. OSC spokeswoman Kristen Rose failed to say whether it had been an evaluation. The Quadriga CX scenario raises questions about who’d be held liable for any losses and highlights a regulatory vacuum to the cryptocurrency industry in Canada.

The OSC will review the matter if any securities legislation have been breached by Quadriga, to see, said Allan Goodman, co-chair of this technology team at law firm Goodmans LLP. Goodman stated in the case of securities offences, the OSC would bring an enforcement action. A judge ordered a stay was supplying a reprieve. Ernst & Young has been appointed by the court to assist the company. The stage, a trading place for cryptocurrencies like 비트맥, Litecoin and Ethereum, had filed for creditor protection from the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

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